Topher, You’re Wrong!

Possibly. Probably. It happens. Frequently.

The difference between me and other candidates is that I’ll admit it. I was homophobic in college–it’s no excuse, but going from an insulated small town in Wisconsin to Los Angeles was a bit of a culture shock. I’ve said racist things and told off-color jokes. My position on gay marriage hasn’t changed, but that’s only because I’d prefer the government get out of the marriage business entirely.

I used to be against single-payer healthcare, but now I’m for it–not to the extent Bernie Sanders is, but a hybrid system where the government pays for what is effectively the Worst. HMO. Ever. No doctor choice and no facility choice, but then we also create a highly competitive supplementary insurance market to allow people to purchase plans that cover the add-ons they need. Everyone is covered, no one is turned away, but we keep costs under control. I will do a more complete post on healthcare later, but there are additional non-medical reasons why a single-payer system is in America’s best interest.

My point with this is that I’m certain to say something in the near future that annoys you because I’m being an idiot.


Call me out on it, please. Maybe we disagree, maybe I just don’t understand the issue as well as you do. Maybe there’s something I’ve figured out that most people don’t get or don’t know.

If you don’t tell me I’m making a mistake, I can’t fix it. All lines are open, operators are standing by.


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