My Daily Carry

One feature I like from Lifehacker is their Everyday Carry series, which shows what different people carry every day.

I thought it might be an interesting diversion to see what I carry on a daily basis.

My daily carry

My daily carry

I almost always wear cargo shorts, even on cold days (My line when people ask if I am cold is, “Is it snowing?”). So I have six pockets to fill, but I don’t even come close.

I keep my left side pocket empty, as I like to use it to store whatever I collect on my travels. Most often, this ends up being things that the two-year-old I babysit collects, such as fast food meal toys from the Chick-Fil-A in the mall, rocks, or other knick knacks he finds.

My right side pocket is my diaper bag, in which I keep a diaper and three wet-wipes. I used to carry a Ziploc with wipes in it, but it wasn’t an efficient use of space.

My left front pocket holds my phone, the Dynex charger shown, and a USB charging cable–usually shorter than the one pictured above, but I destroy cables on a regular basis and order replacements by the dozen. I keep my wallet in my left rear pocket. I don’t have anything too unusual in my wallet, just the usual cash, cards, and identification. My right rear pocket is for my comb. My hair gets windblown, so a comb is a necessity, and with a curly-haired two-year-old in tow, it’s proven to be quite helpful.

My right front pocket holds my keys, my coin purse, and my Swiss Army Knife. I carry a Cybertool 41 model. This model is discontinued: The new Cybertools have fewer features, but I’m covered, as I have a backup in the traditional Victorinox red. I have modified it a bit from the standard, as I have replaced the straight pin hidden behind the corkscrew with a sewing needle. I love having a pen hidden away that doesn’t leak, and the ink seems to last forever. There are very few parts of the knife that I don’t use regularly. One of the oddest is that I use the reamer to punch a hole in the aluminum cover of kids meal milk containers, allowing me to put a straw in without taking off the rest of the cover–saving me from many cleanups. I have used the can opener for so long that I now prefer it to a standard can opener.

I have carried a Swiss Army Knife in one form or another since high school, and I feel naked without it. This has probably contributed to me taking more road trips than plane trips since 9/11, as I don’t like being without it if it isn’t absolutely necessary.

So, what do you carry? Is there anything I should carry but don’t?

Have a great weekend!




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2 responses to “My Daily Carry

  1. I have two cybertools, both lost in the house, I haven’t carried much since of my government jobs and metal detectors. I am lucky now that I now have one in a civilian building. My usual carry is flashlight, breakout combo knife, cheap leatherman with screwdriver bits, those are on my belt. I carry my wallet, Iphone, money in pockets. If I am heading out I have a sling bag with me, with ipad, charging cords, battery power source, ac adapter and ultrabook, and usually a usb thumbdrive and a usb harddrive. I also carry a usb 3.0 hub with ethernet, and I should be carrying ethernet cords, which I will remedy soon. I work in IT, and tend to need to have those items around.

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