The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

I really wish I could have thrown a For A Few Dollars More post into the mix before skipping to the third film in the trilogy, but yesterday’s events screamed for this title. So…

The Good


Last night I attended a candidate forum hosted by the United Community Action Alliance. The UCAA is an organization devoted to helping inner city Chattanooga people and businesses get the resources they need to succeed, both in grants and in government assistance. They are a recent creation–only about a year old–but they are off to a good start. Last night was their first candidate forum.

There were a dozen candidates at the forum, running for five different races: House of Representatives, State Senate District 10 and 28, School Board District 4, and Hamilton County Assessor of Property. School Board is a non-partisan race, but all of the other candidates present were Democrats. As such, there wasn’t a huge amount of disagreement last night. I was a definite outsider, but that’s the role I want to be in.

During the question and answer section, one audience member asked the Congressional candidates if the losers in the primary would support the winner in the general election. All of my opponents said yes, but I waited a moment and said “No…obviously,” which got a few chuckles. I do think that Michael Friedman, Ryan Love, or Melody Shekari would all be a significant improvement over Chuck Fleischmann, since Fleischmann has done very little in his time in the House.

I do think that it was cowardly and irresponsible of all of the Republican candidates not to attend. (Note: I believe the forum organizers only invited Chattanooga-based candidates, so I would not expect Geoff Smith, Allan Levene, Cassandra Mitchell, or Rick Tyler to attend.) If you are going to represent everyone in your constituency, you need to listen to everyone in your constituency. Ignoring those who oppose you on some issues means that you miss opportunities to find common ground elsewhere. It increases divisiveness.

I was reminded, during the school board introductions, that people who send their children to schools the state considers to be failing schools don’t consider them to be failing schools themselves. In a very important sense, they are correct.

State testing is deeply flawed in that it cannot measure how effective schools and teachers are. By only conducting end-of-course exams all you get is one data point. To know whether a teacher is effective, you need to test what the students know at the start of the year, test again at the end of the year, and compare the difference. Currently, a student scoring 65% is judged as a failure, while a student scoring 85% is passing, but if you know the first student started at 20% and the second at 83% you would know that the first student’s teacher is likely much more effective. Howard and Tyner may be great high schools with great teachers, but we don’t have any data to support or refute that.

What I learned last night is that we have a bunch of people running for office who want what is best for their constituents, and I think Chattanooga would be well-served by electing any of them. I’ll do more in-depth analyses of each race before primary early voting starts next month.

The Bad


I stayed up far too late last night listening to BBC Radio 5’s coverage of the Brexit vote. I won’t go into too great of detail here–I think the voters got it wrong–because I want to focus on what this means for US politics.

The Leave campaign used people’s frustration with their personal economic situations to convince them that leaving the EU would bring back jobs that had left for Eastern Europe. What I think may have pushed them over the top was a fear of immigration and immigrants and, perhaps, some racism. Until the results started coming in, most people thought the Remain campaign would win a narrow victory.

It’s easy to see why many pundits have compared the Leave campaign to the Trump campaign, and it provides us with a cautionary tale: If you look at current Electoral College projections, Clinton has a significant lead…

Sabato's Crystal Ball, June 23rd, 2016, University of Virginia Center for Politics

Sabato’s Crystal Ball, June 23rd, 2016, University of Virginia Center for Politics

…but I have been predicting for a while that Trump will make a sharp left turn after the convention. If he can peel off enough of the Leans Democrat states, he can win.

Don’t think that Trump can’t win, and, unfortunately, don’t think that appealing to reason will work. Fear is what is driving people toward Trump, so if you want to fight Trump, fight fear.

The Ugly


Rick Tyler posted a message last night. As his website is currently unstable, I have posted the message in its entirety. I will insert my comments where appropriate.


by Ezra Tyler

Let me begin by thanking everyone that has gotten involved in the controversy spawned by the “Make America White Again” billboard on Highway 411 in Polk County.  I am persuaded that the overwhelming majority of you are sincere and well intentioned.   Obviously, there are the “frothing at the mouth lunatics” who react in a completely irrational, emotional, Pavlovian dog fashion.  Fortunately, they are a small percentage of the whole—and even they are passionately sincere albeit ignorant, misguided and lacking in self control.

Nice of him to start with the name-calling.


Be assured, the response that has been engendered by the billboard is precisely what was expected and hoped for.  You see… this is not a mere publicity stunt, but rather a calculated maneuver to dispense hardcore truth while simultaneously doing an end run around the iron curtain of censorship.  As Orwell stated, “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”    Unfortunately, a globalist cartel has long held power in our nation, and in effect, there has already been a soft revolution wherein lawful constitutional government has been supplanted by a rogue band of oligarchic criminals.  Those who seek to set things aright are actually counter-revolutionaries, endeavoring to facilitate the restoration of lawful, constitutional government.

“(I)ron curtain of censorship”? Really?

I think I may need to create a conspiracy theory buzzword bingo board for Mr. Tyler’s posts. I will freely admit to being a globalist, but I’m not a member of any group, much less a cartel. I believe that isolationism was a significant contributing factor to both the Great Depression and World War II, and global cooperation has kept us from having another world war. I do grudgingly agree with Mr. Tyler that Citizens United has led to an oligarchy having too much political power.

Whether you realize it or not, you are all participating in this counter-revolutionary exercise irrespective of where you stand on the matter!
Indeed, the brainwashing may well be too far advanced, and there may be no chance of restoration, rejuvenation, and revival in our once great nation.   Like the watchman spoken of in Ezekiel 33, some of us must sound the warning of the advancing and ominous peril that is encroaching upon our civilization as a whole.  Like Nineveh, there could be great repentance and revival in America.  If not, we will succumb to the fate of Sodom and Gomorrah.

I knew he would get to his Biblical fear mongering sooner than later. OK, Mr. Tyler, put the Old Testament down. Try rereading the New Testament. Start with Matthew 6:5-6.

For those who are posturing in a high and mighty stance of ostensible moral superiority, I would caution you against falling into the trap of modernism and the liberal watering down of truth.  Your fathers, grandfathers and great grandfathers would have been entirely sympathetic and supportive of the preservation of a white super majority in America.

No, your fathers, grandfathers and great grandfathers would have been entirely sympathetic. Many of my ancestors were actually decent human beings.

They would have been utterly hostile to the concept of the mass nonwhite immigration that has ensued over the past half century.  They would have never acquiesced to the schemes of forced racial integration foisted upon the states by a usurpatious federal government.  By capitulating on these and other related issues, you are dishonoring your fathers and mothers of old in a flagrant and treacherous violation of the 4th Commandment.  In the fulness of time, God will surely hold you accountable for this violation of his sacred law.  As Isaiah 5:20 states, “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!”

Fortunately for us, the Bible is not the law of the land. But even if it was, the prescribed ways to honor parents after death are to pray, study the Torah, and donate to charity in their names. Ancestor worship via clinging to outdated and immoral societal prejudice is not included in that.


The charge of “racism” is the most flagrant and abusive canard of our time.  Absurdly, those who bandie about the charge never bother to define its meaning.  Is a racist one who harbors antipathy toward someone simply based on their ethnicity?  If so only a foolish person would fit such a description.  If, on the other hand, we are talking about someone who demonstrates greater affinity for his own racial family  (your race is the extension of your biological family) then the charge would be truly preposterous.  Ethnocentricity is completely healthy and normal and all races, except the white race, are encouraged to engage in and express it.  The glaring double standard is all too obvious.

No, ethnocentricity is not healthy. It may be normal, unfortunately, but that doesn’t make it right. All races are not encouraged to engage in and express ethnocentricity, but people are encouraged to have pride in themselves and to not feel inferior to others because of their ethnicity. There’s a big difference between embracing the traditions of your ancestors and declaring yourself to be superior to others because of them.


The “Make America White Again” billboard is a takeoff on Donald Trump’s slogan of “Make America Great Again.”  In a nutshell, it is stating that the “Leave It to Beaver, Ozzie and Harriet, Mayberry” America of old was vastly superior to what we are experiencing today.  It was an America where doors were left unlocked, violent crime was a mere fraction of today’s rate of occurrence, there were no car jackings, home invasions, Islamic Mosques or radical Jihadist sleeper cells.
Additionally, government was much smaller, responsible, and accountable to the people.  Yes, that Norman Rockwell America was immensely preferable to the rapidly deteriorating culture now engulfing us.  Only the ignorant and misguided would resist its restoration and resuscitation.  As set forth on the Tyler for Congress website, ( a moratorium on nonwhite immigration and the abolition of policies that subsidize nonwhite birth rates would be two constructive actions toward beginning the long journey back toward sanity and stability in our beleaguered and foundering nation.

Violent crime was not a mere fraction of today’s rate of occurrence. First, FBI statistics are much more thorough than they were in 1960 (the earliest year for which data is available), because all local law enforcement agencies didn’t report crimes to the FBI. Even considering that, violent crime in the US is at its lowest level since 1970, and property crime is at its lowest level since 1967–and both are on a sharply downward trend. (Source)


It is no coincidence that every nation being inundated by the teeming multitudes of the third world is a white nation.

Um, no. In the case of Syria, Turkey, Lebanon, and Jordan have all accepted at least twice as many refugees as the first “white” nation on the list (Germany). Most refugees prefer to stay closer to home rather than traveling to Europe or the US, as they would like to return home when the conflict ends.

It is indisputable that the white race has achieved infinitely more in the way of technology, culture and innovation than the nonwhite civilizations of history.

I’ll dispute it. Algebra was invented by Al-Khwarizmi and algebraic geometry by Omar Khayyam. The printing press was invented in China during the Song Dynasty long before Gutenberg got around to it in Europe. The printing press would be worthless without paper, also invented in China. Gunpowder was also invented in China. I would argue that much technological development was disrupted by colonization imposing white culture on advanced societies. Today, most inventions are created by diverse teams–and, in the past, white “leaders” often stole ideas from minorities and took the credit.

As far as white culture being superior to non-white culture, no. I like fish and chips as much as anyone, but I don’t want to live in a world where I can’t eat tamales, sushi, and goat saag. I like classical music, but I enjoy jazz, reggae, and rock. I appreciate Van Gogh and Leonardo, but I also like Hokusai and Diego Rivera. It’s the diversity of cultures that makes life interesting. Many of the best parts of “white” culture are the things it appropriated and adapted from other cultures.

The racial component of this phenomenon is all-important.  In a blind, suicidal manner modern man overlooks this profound truth while plunging headlong toward destruction.

Diversity is critical for survival. On a genetic level, inbreeding often leads to devastating illness. When creating or innovating, a diverse team will create better ideas due to the larger pool of starting concepts. The only time diversity is bad is when you want to make sure everyone agrees with you–which is often a pathway to destruction.


The Caucasian race has been inordinately blessed and favored by the God of scripture.  It was among this people that the new covenant gospel of Jesus Christ took root, blossomed, and flourished.  Western Christian civilization evolved in the ensuing centuries leading to the eventual rise of our beloved America of yesteryear.  As time progressed however, our nation and people lost their way.   America forsook the God of her fathers and turned to the false gods of the heathen world.  Now we are a people under divine judgment with a very grim future staring us in the face.

The Tyler for Congress candidacy is a last ditch effort to challenge the descendents of America’s founders to “return to the ancient landmarks.”  Scattered throughout the land are the proverbial seven thousand who have not bowed the knee to Baal.  (I Kings 19:18)  The remnant of God may not be large enough to facilitate restoration of that which has been lost…  but we will proceed to carry the torch in the hope of miraculous and divine intervention.

The incumbent lawyer and representative of the 3rd Congressional District voted for the 1.1 trillion dollar spending bill in December; which among many nefarious expenditures allocated funding for the importation of 100,000 Syrian refugees,  a large number of which are straight off of the Jihadist battlefield.  A full-blown Muslim invasion is underway while a criminal, runaway federal government gobbles up what remains of liberty at breathtaking speed.

Yes, the Syrians are often “straight off of the Jihadist battlefield”–because they are running for their lives from an ISIS that they fear and loathe.


Amazingly, while being oblivious to the aforementioned circumstances plaguing our nation, a substantial number of low information citizens are easily whipped into a frenzy by the mythological enemy of “racism.”  Sadly, it never occurs to the reactionary mob that they in fact, are guilty of the grievous sin of rejection of truth.  Yet, just as Jesus was able to miraculously give sight to the blind, God is still in the business of peeling the scales off of men’s eyes.  Yes, he gives grace to the humble but resisteth the proud.  (James 4:6.)

Concerning the hostility emanating from various directions I would say the following:

We believe in Libertarian principles of free speech and freedom of association.  All are free to go where they desire as well as refrain from going where they do not want to be.  Of course, these same individuals will continue to patronize all manner of franchises and national chains that truly are the embodiment of corruption and exploitation.  Yet another example of hypocrisy and double-standards.

Will the Rick Tyler for Congress campaign gain traction and become a force to be reckoned with? Only time will tell.   When all is said and done however, the truth will prevail.   Of that we can be assured.

Tyler’s truth simply isn’t true. He sees the world he wants to see and wants people to accept his fears as realities. He is afraid that his shenanigans will lead people to stop patronizing his restaurant and destroy his family’s way of life. He complains that “franchises and national chains…are the embodiment of corruption and exploitation” but I cannot imagine him calling for an increase in the minimum wage or other legislation to help end this.

Rick Tyler’s campaign will not gain traction. I was pleased to see all of my opponents last night express their revulsion for his billboard and his beliefs. I have reached out to the Republicans and Cassandra Mitchell for comments.

Now I need to go wash my hands.


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