My Senior Election Consultant


The candidate with his Senior Election Consultant (Yeah, I’m talking about myself in the third person. Sorry, it won’t happen again.)

I said at the beginning of this campaign that I wouldn’t use my daughter for campaign purposes. I think it’s a bit slimy when a candidate puts underage kids in their advertisements, and I think it opens them to media criticism, or, even worse, people from the public poking fun at them. I decided to wait until the campaign was over before talking about her. (Yes, I know that technically I could be out campaigning trying to scrounge up some last minute votes by stalking a polling place, but that’s not happening. Traditionally, campaigning stops when voting starts, and I happen to think that’s a pretty good tradition.)

I’m not going to resort to the tired old trope and say that I ran for Congress because I wanted a better world for her, because, frankly, it isn’t true. There are many other things I could have done that would have been much better for that. I ran because I wanted to try to make people think, and if I can get them to think, then maybe the world will be a little better for everyone. Zari already thinks, so she has a pretty good head start.

I have discussed almost everything about my campaign and the presidential campaign with Zari. As I said in my¬†November Election Analysis, I hadn’t decided whether to vote for Clinton, Johnson, or de la Fuente, and that it was likely going to be a situational vote depending on the polls. What I didn’t count on was that no one would conduct a public poll in Tennessee after October 4, so I didn’t have fresh data on the election. This morning, before I kept her out of school so she could join me at the polls, I broke down my arguments for and against each of them. Clinton: I agree with most of the Democratic Platform, but I hate her connections with Goldman Sachs, who were largely responsible for the 2008 meltdown; I don’t like the two-party system, and I feel that a vote for her is a vote for maintaining it; and I hate that she lies about having evolved on some of her positions. Johnson: I like the idea of small government, but his isolationism on trade and military issues really concerns me. de la Fuente: Seems like a pretty reasonable pro-business moderate Democrat running under the Reform banner, but his positions are all “what if?” questions.

She thought about it for a bit, then gave me the mildest suggestion ever, which I took. “[CANDIDATE] doesn’t seem so bad, I guess.” That’s almost exactly how I feel about all of them, so I took her advice. I’m not happy about my vote, and I don’t want anyone to take any of what I said as an endorsement, so I’m not making my choice public. (Don’t bother asking Zari: She won’t tell you either. My campaign is leakproof.)

My points with this post:

  1. I voted.
  2. I’m not happy about it.
  3. My daughter is great.
  4. I took my own advice and listened to people.
  5. If you haven’t, get out there and vote.

For everyone out there, thanks for reading, thanks for your comments, and thanks for your support. I’m going to keep this blog going for a while, because I’m sure I’ll have some postmortem comments. I don’t know if I will try this again in two years. I’ve had a few people ask me that, but I have said for a while that one thing this campaign gives me is something to say to the people who for years have asked me why I don’t run for office: “I did.”

Finally, I’m going to be at Buffalo Wild Wings on 153 tonight at 7:00 for my Defeat Party. Come out and say hi.

Thanks for everything. I appreciate all the support.


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